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I've been the Persnickety Chick for so long now it feels as if I always have been. The story behind how I became known as the Pernsickety Chick starts something like this . . .


Somewhere back at the start of 2008, at the encouragement of a dear friend, I delved into the marvelous world of digital scrapbooking.  It was fun and I was excited at the things I was creating whilst learning my way around Photoshop. I discovered there was an entire online community of sites complete with galleries to showcase your work and when I was brave enough to share my creations, also discovered I would have to pick a name for myself.  With the help of that same dear friend (who happens to have known me the longest) we picked a name we thought showed both spunk and seemed to suit me. Yep, PERSNICKETY CHICK.

It was simply a username at the time. And now? Well,  it has taken me many years and experimenting with many mediums to decide just what type of art suits me best.  I suppose in that regard, I have lived up to my name.


I suppose I discovered pretty quickly that scrapbooking wasn't really for me as I rather enjoyed creating my own little worlds, artistic explorations to other dimensions, and most importantly the use of symbolism to convey to both communicate and I hope, connect with those looking in from the outside.  Digital scrapbooking was, for me, simply an avenue to entering the digital art world,  which, in turn, led to my current passion as a digital collage artist, creating vast imaginative realms where anything is possible, full of symbolism and I hope, great meaning. Being an artist is my calling, I know that now.  It is such a part of me I cannot live without it!


In these years since, I have made my way into so many other various creative circles, have met and come to known so so many talented fellow artists, some who were once my muses and I am now so so very privileged to call my friends.  The art community is such a wondrous place and I am so grateful for my place in it.  





I was "spotlighted" on the Tangie Baxter

Art Journaling 101 blog.

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Founding member and honorary chick of the original Chicks Along the Canal show; outdoor marketplace for creative women artistans and entrepreneurs.

Proud creator of artwork for The Goddess Candle Collection at The Persnickety Witch Apothecary.

Proud to be a part of the "Sisters with Attitude" project in collaboration with artist Trudi Sissons of Two Dresses Studio and Craft Attitude.